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The Local For All team is made up of our The Cupcake Girls Staff members as well as an incredible group of expert volunteers. Our volunteers specialize in architecture, food & beverage, design, engineering and much more. 

Our Cupcake Girls staff work in both our Las Vegas and Portland offices in programming, operations, marketing and of course our Local For All branch. We are working hard everyday to meet our mission and to build Local For All.


Brie Richards 

Operations Director,

The Cupcake Girls

By launching Local for All, the Cupcake Girls is creating a safe, inclusive space to carry out its mission while also creating an innovative source of income, and will change the way nonprofits think about entrepreneurship and community impact for years to come.


Mai Tran, National Marketing & Events Director

The Cupcake Girls

Local for All is changing the face of downtown. Not only do I get to be a part of it internally, but I have the privilege of experiencing the impact being made in the community as a local in Downtown Las Vegas. Local for All is what downtown needs, and I'm so excited to see it grow. 


Camille Morris

 Executive Assistant

The Cupcake Girls

I am so excited to see the ways in which Local For All changes the Las Vegas community and creates a space for healing that has not been seen before in our city. 



Tony Leitera

 Chef Consultant

Downtown Las Vegas has already started a resurgence… Local For All is going to take it to the next level and really inspire people to do more. 


Dani Bald 

Lead Designer 

I pride myself on designing thoughtful spaces that evoke "warm fuzzies" and encourage meaningful conversation. It's no wonder Local For All is my dream design project!


Rob Gurdison


Theres a lot of entertainment and retail that is happening down town but I think to make it a true neighborhood is to have an organization that really cares about people and does good for people which becomes a community staple and that’s what’s needed here. 


Soren Peterson, Principle Engineer,


Local for All is giving our design team the ability to pledge a level of community involvement that we rarely have the opportunity to provide. Our team is all in for Local For All.


Brittney Bellanger, Bakery Specialist

I am so excited to be using my skills to help build something bigger than myself. 


Nathan Quigley

Electrical Engineer

Q/A Engineers

Our team is very excited to assist a local, non-profit such as Local For All that works with the community in lending a helping hand when it is needed the most.

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