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Welcome to the future of community transformation! At The Cupcake Girls, we're not just building a space; we're building hope, connections, and lasting change. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey that's making waves in philanthropy, investment, and community development.

We invite you to join us, as together we as a community build Local for All!



For over 12 remarkable years, The Cupcake Girls have been at the forefront of change, providing trauma-informed outreach, intensive case management, aftercare, and referral services to those working in the adult industry and survivors of domestic sex trafficking. We've achieved all this with unwavering dedication and a modest support network. Now, imagine what's possible when we unite with a larger network and create a state-of-the-art facility—a safe, all-encompassing solution for bringing together essential community-based services. An innovative space designed to reach the core of major human trafficking hubs nationwide, host transformative events, and form powerful partnerships. That's the promise of Local For All.

Local For All is not just another project; it's a revolution in community-driven social impact hubs. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, it's set to become an inclusive haven for program participants and the local community to collaborate, find vital resources, receive holistic support, and savor the delights of our pop-up vendors and beloved food trucks. It's a space where everyone belongs, and dreams come alive.

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If you are in need of support from The Cupcake Girls please visit our get support page:

For any inquiries, questions or interest in or for Local for All, please email us at

Future Home of Local For All

110 E. Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89104


Community Donors

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