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Local For All is a trauma informed community  comprising a marketplace, wellness, co-working space and The Cupcake Girls offices. Our building will exist to provide an energizing, creative, inclusive-yet safe and supportive community for Las Vegas’ most vulnerable populations. Local For All combines the mission-driven work of a nonprofit with the sustainability of a public-facing business which will help sustain the work of The Cupcake Girls for years to come!

We invite you to join us, as together we as a community build Local for All!



The Cupcake Girls is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to provide nonjudgmental and confidential support to survivors of sex trafficking, as well as adult entertainers, by empowering our clients through respect, resources, and relationships. For the last ten years, The Cupcake Girls has been providing trauma-informed outreach, advocacy, and referral services to those working in Las Vegas strip clubs, legal brothels in Nevada, and events sponsored by the adult entertainment industry. We have two physical locations, one in Las Vegas, Nevada and one in Portland, Oregon, currently serving clients in 13 states as well as many cities across Canada.

We are building Local For All, a collaborative social impact hub built around the needs of our clients. Local For All is both a funding stream and community space for The Cupcake Girls' clients and staff. Survivors of sex trafficking and domestic violence note that a community support and acceptance could have prevented them from being in vulnerable situations and that community support is a number one need when rebuilding a life after coming out of trauma. Local For All will be a trauma informed space built around the needs of community members coming out of trauma situations. 


The Cupcake Girls will have access to downtown office space, co-working space, event and meeting spaces for their staff and clients. Clients will have job training and support from many of the Local For All businesses and access to the Local For All co-working and wellness space. 

As owner of 110 E. Charleston, the location of Local For All, The Cupcake Girls will earn income through leasing space out to a yoga studio and marketplace. This building will be a sustainable source of income for The Cupcake Girls as well as a community space to grow partnerships and directly impact our clients. 


We invite you to join us, as together we build Local for All!

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Therapy Office

Resource Center

Local for All will be a safe and inclusive space for our clients and local community to receive pro-bono and/or low-cost mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial support and resources.


The Resource Center will house all of The Cupcake Girls Las Vegas offices, boardrooms, and meeting spaces. The Resource Center will rent spaces to community nonprofits and businesses who provide services to our clients.

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Event & Space Rentals

Local For All will include a variety of event rental spaces for outside and internal use.  The local community will have the opportunity to rent out spaces for meetings, gatherings, workshops and events. 

Rental options will include outdoor patio and rooftop spaces, food hall,  and a multi-purpose room, plus offices and meeting spaces. 

Meet the team



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Future Home of Local For All

110 E. Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89104


Potential Renters

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